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Hinchliffe Heating - Providing Heating Services in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and more!

At Hinchliffe Heating we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Whether it’s boiler repair, boiler installation or a general heating service, our expertise is second to none. We work locally around Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield but are happy to travel throughout Yorkshire  our friendly and reliable services ensure that you aren’t left out in the cold by your heating system.

Choose Hinchliffe Heating for your heating service...

We provide heating services to most makes of  gas and oil boilers. Checking pipework, chimneys, safety devices and combustion settings we ensure your boiler is performing the best it can. So from a combi boiler to a fully zoned central heating system with unvented hot water and internet based controls, our comprehensive advice will ensure your boiler is performing the best it can, saving you money and keeping you warm in winter! If you’re in the Leeds, Bradford or Wakefield area get in touch!

Choose Hinchliffe Heating for your boiler installation...

It’s not the best feeling having to buy a new boiler, but it’s sometimes unavoidable. At Hinchliffe Heating we will repair whenever possible, but if not, gather your requirements and make an educated suggestion on which boiler to choose. From ACV to Worcester Bosch, we work with many manufacturers to choose the best fit for you. So if you’re in Leeds or the Yorkshire area, get in touch.

Choose Hinchliffe Heating for your boiler repair...

People face boiler issues more often than they would like, but it doesn’t always have to be expensive. So if you don’t need a replacement, we will always discuss wit you if a repair is the better option for you. Whatever the issue, we’re happy to help!

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