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Hinchliffe Heating can provide a comprehensive heating service to ensure comfort, safety and warmth in your home…

At Hinchliffe Heating we can provide a heating service to all kinds of systems and offer comprehensive honest advice. We are the experts in gas boilers, gas water heaters, gas fires, oil boilers, heat pumps and central heating in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield.

Be warm, be safe and save money in your home!

Some of the services we offer:

Servicing, Installation and Repair:  

We are qualified to look after the whole lifecycle of your  Oil, gas and LPG appliances, this includes fires, boilers, water heaters cookers and ranges. 

Central heating:  

Problems with cold patches on your radiators? some radiators warmer than others? We have invested in the latest technology to provide an efficient diagnostic service that allows us to correctly identify the root cause of the problem, from there we can advise on power flushing, magnetic filtration, radiator balancing or if you system needs components replacing. With our thermal imaging camera it is easy to show you the problem!

This is an image of a radiator that is partly blocked by sludge. The solution was to remove the radiator and clean it out, when it was refitted the root cause of the sludge was corrected. If requested we can even provide before and after images to show the improvement. 

Carbon Monoxide.

Badly installed or maintained appliances can produce Carbon Monoxide (CO). CO is know as the silent killer, it is tasteless and odourless. Click here to find out the symptoms and what gas safe register recommend. 

If anyone in the building feel ill now and suspect CO: 

  • Get fresh air
  • Dial 999 get immediate medical attention (not a doctors appointment for tommorrow as one of my customers did). 

We usually carry a stock of CO alarms and will install one at any visit to your property.  Contact us to arrange this


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